Friday, February 26, 2010

Our Changing World

Time was when people said "African Americans aren't good at sports"
Then they said "African Americans are only good at sports"
Now they say "Only African Americans are good at sports"
Ah...*sigh*... Our Changing World

Time was when only Jewish people were considered good at writing comedy.
Now thanks to shows like Family Guy and 30 Rock we've learned that disenchanted and bitter former Catholics are also good at writing comedy.
Ah...*sigh* our changing world.
I hope to someday live in a world where a Mormon can be good at writing comedy.

Time was when people hated you for you color, religion, or sexual preference.
Now people hate you in spite of your color, religion, or sexual preference.
Let me give you some examples...

Time was when Homosexuals were known for their innate artistic brilliance (for example Elton John, Liberace, Rock Hudson)
But now thanks to people like last year's American Idol winner Adam Lambert we've learned that even gay people can be talentless wastes of space.
Ah...*sigh*...our changing world

Adam Lambert, you said some really messed up things about Susan Boyle. But now I can confidently say that myself and millions of other people hate you but not because you are gay. But we hate you because you attack people with talent and call them talentless, you perform disgusting sexual acts on a prime time television awards show and say that people only got offended because you were gay. Adam, we don't hate you because you're gay. We hate you because you are a bona-fide horse's ass (pardon my language).
AH...*sigh*...our changing world

Time was when any woman in a position of authority always had the Midas touch.
But now thanks to Nancy Pelosi, even women can irreversibly screw things up for millions of people.
Ah...*sigh*...our changing world
And Just to be Politically Impartial...
Time was when a man who hadn't worked a day in his life and lived off his wife's family's inheritance was considered a plague on society.
But now thanks to John McCain men who haven't worked a day in their life and have lived off their wife's family's inheritance can now be a party nominee for President.
Ah...*sigh*...our changing world.

Time was when a person who performed a heroic act or produced something that made millions of people happy, such as a stunning performance in a movie or a particularly touching song, were deeply respected by society and were inducted into Halls of Fame or even knighted.
Now when you do something that commands respect the paparazzi follow you around waiting for you to screw your life up so they can catch it on tape.
Ah...*sigh*...our changing world

Of course some things seem destined to never change...

Protestant ministers still have their congregations convinced that "Mormons have horns and multiple wives". How does that work?

The British and the Southern States still call most of the people in the U.S. "Yanks"...150 years after we received that name in Civil War. Plus, those of us out West had nothing to do with the Civil War, we weren't even inhabited yet. How can we be "Yanks"? I mean you don't see us referring to Alabama as "the slave state" or referring to the British as the "Anglo-Saxons"

Oh...our silly changing--yet unchanging--world!

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